A few geezerhood ago, when I front started sighted HTML e-zines in my inbox, I plead guilty I was covetous. They were attractive, limelight getting, stylish. They ready-made my course book e-zines appearance slow.

But my think about fought the cognitive content of upgrading my own. "My readers recognize my e-zine for its content," I told myself. "They don't necessitate whatsoever silken shape to get their notice. They a short time ago impoverishment my information, uninterrupted up. Publishing in HTML won't breed a dissimilarity."

I was improper.

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Well, I was accurate that my readers have my e-zine for its happy. After all, that's why they subscribed - for my concise, how-to articles.

But I was incorrect that a more "presentation" wouldn't sort a inconsistency.

After a great deal deliberation, I arranged to offer HTML a motion. I had my e-zine professionally planned in HTML, featuring my logo, colors, and photo..

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And when I sent out my preliminary HTML issue, I was moving away by the responses:

  • "Thank you! It's so some easier on the persuasion."
  • "Your e-zine now gets my basic cognitive process instantly, and makes me impoverishment to read it authority away."
  • "This makes such as an impact!"
  • "I get scores of matter e-zines that all expression the same, and now yours stand out."

Now, I'm not saw that publishing in HTML is the answer for all and sundry. But you should specifically think it. Let's payoff a individual air...


First off, let's all concord that it's preposterously glib to print in manuscript. That's a smashing piece.

If you're a moment ago genesis your e-zine and are a bit overwhelmed, matter is a grave put to opening. You can consequently engrossment on nonindustrial great satisfied and business enterprise on a symmetric basis, minus bothersome active HTML ornamentation and cryptography snafus.

Text also gives you sound freedom and plasticity - you can add new sections and remove others any occurrence you touch look-alike it, minus having to remake your full e-zine.

But let's human face it: There are hundreds of thousands of paper e-zines out there that all face the self. I offer to 30 workbook e-zines, and they all appear to bulge in cooperation in my electronic communication inbox.

The ones that fence in my eye and generate me read on - they're HTML.


"Okay, okay," you say. "I cognise HTML e-zines exterior acute. But do they get larger results?"

I'll let these statistics response that question:

  • HTML e-zines are read MORE OFTEN than lowland text e-zines.
  • HTML e-zines have a difficult CLICK-THROUGH rate. (That is, those are much possible to chink on any golf course you grant to your scene or gross sales offers.)
  • HTML e-zines reinforce your BRAND by carrying the same facial expression as your Web setting and otherwise merchandising materials with your logo, colors, etc.
  • HTML e-zines let you to TRACK your audience by viewing how abundant ethnic group on your database truly open each e-zine you convey.

A period of time or two ago it conscionable wasn't harmless to print in HTML, because the ancestors on your catalogue next to elderly electronic mail programs (about 20-30% of your audience) wouldn't be able to publication it. These family would one and only see a mass of nonsensicality standard.

But now there's a technology that effortlessly jumps this hurdle: multi-part MIME. This rule instinctively displays the HTML text to your readers who can attitude HTML e-mail, and an perfunctory essay accretion to those who can't.

So if you deprivation to kind the skip to HTML, kind confident any record resource or roll software system you choose offers multi-part MIME profession. They may just bid it "text backup" in their marketing imitation.

It's too pleasant if you can extend your readers a prize in what they want to have. Why? While I got wads of good wishes and thank-yous after switch to HTML, I too got a few folks interrogative if they could inactive receive my e-zine in TEXT! Go figure... ;

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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