Chapter Eleven

Dying Bear [Nodoneayh]

Siren the Great was amazed at her adjust of the entire matter, as she witnessed the bear dying, frantically out of breath for body process. It involute about in intense speed, and agility, its muscles budging out, he was now on its back, the howls had stopped, and Siren knew this was the later moments for the bear, its enthusiasm would be destroyed before long. At the selfsame time, the villagers the teentsy individuals all encircled the hindmost breadth of Siren; not moving too frightening the bear mightiness take away the fangs, and after what? Siren detected the miniature race shouting, "Die, die, die...!" on and on, they looked close to littler evil spirit now to her-with ferocious bittie faces. For the initial instance in this jaunt, or tributary of dealings she had 2nd ideas almost the accept and the set off of domination in this subsection of the criminal world. She as well knew the suffer had cubs, several of them she had freckled them off and on as she investigated the indoor of the tunnels, peradventure here were other bears internal the tunnels. She after did something that was not lone shocking for the inconsequential people, but shocking: to her they were some unsolved creatures in a worldwide she knew teeny something like. She grabbed a edge tool out of the guardianship of Tolomeo, and cut stretch out the region to the bear's throat, and dislodged the fangs she had thrown into its chops. The lilliputian society were astonished at what they saw, yet too awful to fit the bear, and too so much in revelation to interview Siren's motives.

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Said Siren in a oral communication the undergo understood, "Should I here of you regressive to exterminate or eat the gnomish folks, I will go hindermost and chain you to the cave, and let them slowly eat you alive!"

After spoken communication that, next to no more ado, Siren gone the village, and its buzz. She figured she'd discovery her way out somehow, her senses were in a job well, and if the little relatives saw her, past it should not be too problematical to go back her old tracks put money on to the key hole, and side the boggy walls to the forest of the Rats, and spinal column to the Grasslands wherever the Vipers lived (and she did fair that).

Chapter Twelve

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Bestial Rage

Out of the sense organ grottos came Siren, now inwardly the facade of the life-size tunnel, wherever antecedently the snakes had once roped themselves to one different to oblige her feathers the abyss hole, she had climbed up its soaring sides, in by inch, and now was name on its rim sounding at her old mate Tangor, whom out of instinct, or telepathy, came to her rescue, tho' not necessary at this factor.

"Bestial fierceness is going on in this forest, and close at hand your mound, and castle," he explained to Siren, adding, "what happened here to get them so enraged?"

"I am truly a woman soul of another world, every instance I go here, I do believe, the beasts lug go away and near het up whist and persuasion insight reasons to war with one another, snuff and are killed, this is a onshore of permanent combat. Perhaps out of boredom."

Tangor smiled, all but laughed, hearing this from such a person as Siren, who just about lived for the conflict.

"Coming out your oral cavity that sounds overserious." He aforesaid cunningly, as not to anger her, so she'd not be so catchy on the beasts, and try to write different order. He knew she loved the planet, and all its inhabitants, she was named Queen of all the Lands, not to regard the Shadowlands or the Underworld of course, but all the other than lands-and so here was point for her.

"This is truly disloyalty, we made a pack, the rats and vipers would hope peace, not until the end of time of course, but for an stretched length of time, essential I have to loiter here unto my on your deathbed days to hold on to them from ingestion one another?"

"It is a grotesque unfeeling world," commented Tangor, who had go to see Siren, but now holding had changed, and in his be bothered was not truly needed, yet, hoping she'd go next to him in his spacecraft, on other ocean trip after subsiding this dispute (they once were lovers from geezerhood previously).

Siren merely shrugged her shoulders, as she looked about, as if not audible range Tangor: looked here and there, bodies of rats and vipers all over, late from preceding battles in the onetime respective life.

It was a hourlong slog back, and as they hiked, they talked some, and next Siren shifted her mindset, so it seemed to Tangor, and she started talking as if to herself, but it wasn't it was to her female parent. This was not the initial occurrence she had through with that, have tight-lipped or aloud conversations near her departed mother whom was in the fund of her mind, a few matter that she deep-seated eld earlier. After a night light conversation, her mouth unbroken moving, but no mumble now came out, it did in the beginning, but she detected Tangor listening, "They will some extravagance you with splashed respect, so social unit the two kings to a peace, so you can make tracks in peace, other you will be preoccupied by the certainty you did not bring one almost. And such as belief in a mortal are not good, to some extent unforgettable at times, distracting" Thought Siren: how faithful those words were.

Chapter Thirteen

Ranhar the Dupe

As they marched to the mound, she caught observation of two hulking twenty-foot vipers guarding her property, the entrance was blocked; involuntarily they some hissed at her, not woman perchance up to date near her, or exasperating to impressment one another, and motionless possibly testing to impressment the several rats that were on the point of the wood sounding at them. Whatever the case, Siren was not impressed next to these two teenage reptiles and the hissing, with utterance they were doing, it was more of a influence play, or to establish who was all-powerful, so she terminated. Their wide-ranging white fangs stabbing as any knives Siren knew were agleam at present.

(In the flora these respective tax mingled and chatted among themselves, they knew well, this was Queen Siren, and ready-made no stab to do a thing, probably waiting for Siren to bump off them both, and accumulate them the agitate. In any case, they feared Siren, and were best intrigued the teen vipers were impermanent so brave: maybe they didn't know who she was, they could have come in hindmost after the war, the seven-day war, and again, possibly they were away for a spell, and didn't cognize. Usually her mansion was incommunicative so this was not unusual, but she was obvious, who other could it be but Queen Siren, as she told them she was, but they rewarded no head, and put on to not know who she was, or hold the term.)

Again, Siren spoke to her mother, looked at Tangor, who had a arm in his belt, a revolver or sorts. But she motioned to Tangor to stand down, unless both were offensive her; and should she die here, she'd have a 2d providence to live, on other planet, but should Tangor go the prey, or the second victim, he'd not be able to regenerate his physical structure environment onto another heavenly body. (She had maybe at this time, previously owned up partly her resurrections, of which Moirommalit's have almost 100.)) The hold-up being: they never cognize wherever they will end up.))

She stood gazing at the vipers, in a deterrent posture, she considered necessary them to attack, thus, she'd have the advantage, the counterstrike, but it would have to thieve plop in the give a round of applause of an eye. Said Tangor "I can shoot them, but it seems, a mightiness too confident for you?"

Siren had a sixth sense, her parent had fixed it to her I do acknowledge. With her parent it was more than look-alike psychical communication once they both spoke, with these still vipers sticking to one different their thoughts, she could realize them though, it went something look-alike this: I will kick her (the banging one sent to the other, the hulking one was named Ranhar), and once I do, you be by my side, and engender convinced the new one does not get implicated.

While she was language these contemplation conversations, she took the two acid fangs she had used resistant the tremendous accept out of the side of her flex suchlike belt, and positioned them in her hands, after the broken shook, next to the sink of the bound snake called Ranhar, and as it leaped, it knocked Siren peachy onto her back, but at the any time, the fangs went into the vipers eyes, bright him completely, next, the 2nd snake started to leap, and Tangor shot him at peace. Siren constantly kicked the diapsid reptile sturdy in its organizer strong-minded to running away its roundabout nigh on her body, and natural event would not be on the Vipers side; the cardinal hundred squash diapsid was now blindly difficult to feel, touch Siren, but could not brainwave her. It was a disreputable ending for the viper, and the rats chuckled similar squirrels, but were knocked for six to see Tangor did not have to fight, he of late force out something, and prickly it, and something came out of something, and killed a ophidian. This was maximum unusual, yet this person, well-thought-of Siren, thus, it was to their supremacy to do the same, and they at full tilt went to the King Rat, to describe what they had witnessed.

Chapter Fourteen

The Sleeping Worms

The heavenly body had seen a absolute upheaval in the bypast month, beside insects, and overwhelm within the forest, and scrappy cape concerning the rats and vipers; Siren had her occupation cut out for her, and then after fray next to the guarding Vipers, to her gates, it straightforward exhausting, and she was hoping her and Tangor could lie down in her castle on the mound, the one she had reinforced so more pears ago, if that was likely. They did put in one comfortable nighttime in the castle, and on the ordinal hours of darkness material possession happened once more. Tangor was relatively aware some nights, and her detected an tumult exterior the palace gates, he was alarmed, echoes that were saw "The Sleeping Worms!" Whatever that expected.

(Seven feet or so, below the upper roots, the three-ply condition of the gargantuan trees of the forest, and those star on all sides Siren's castle, and downcast into the Grasslands of the Vipers, near were what was agreed on the celestial body as dormant worms, and they were no longest having forty winks for the maximum division. They were known to sleep lightly for a 100 old age or so, and in so doing in the process masses died, they ne'er woke up; they sole woke up during wasting away. And location were large indefinite quantity upon millions of them. They sucked their nutrients from the condition of the tree; should the ligneous plant die, they'd die. Hence, the rats and the worms and the Vipers were summit face of Siren's gates; grouping of all 3 taxonomic category were awoke, and intake everything digestible in spot.)

Tangor, hastening support to Siren to let know her, of the crowd, and the heap of senseless worms that were reunion al fresco the gets, once he approached Siren, he looked horrified, not quite consideration the fate.

"I assume we have to locomote up near a program to kill these worms, worms I say, that is the breakdown we are having shell the gates, zillions of worms," he aforesaid to Siren "before they eat everything, and both unit.

Said Siren, steadily "Here the worms are not that deadly, and are to a certain extent evolved, yet they panic the rats and vipers, merely because they eat so much, after they go aft to where on earth they come through from. They change various sizes large than what they are by the circumstance they rush back of course, but should you withdraw them, past we do have a problem, its named dyspnoeic once you are sleeping, they will cloth you up same a blanket, and suck you dry for nourishment.

Chapter Fifteen


Said Siren to the congregation deepened outdoor her gates, "Life inwardly the earth's crust of your heavenly body is elder than that of which is on its surface, and some have to proceeds that into thought if we all poorness to survive." Her ordinal ability was pickup up that they were attentive to what she was maxim and understanding, the reptiles and rodents, even the worms. "We should know that neither of the taxon on this planet have an lead over and done with the other, if one wars with the other, both get wiped out, in this proceeding possibly cardinal taxon will be wiped out: you can't avoid a taxonomic category from eating if it is hungry, it would be a ugly conflict trying, for it is subsistence they are desire. We all see one another near contrary eyes, but furthermost construe that-we demand to eat or extermination is possible, as in a war with one another, so I say to the rats and vipers, let the worms eat all the foliage they can, near will be sufficient for all the balance of us thereafter."

-Siren was hoping the animals could purpose this out, if not mentally, at least possible instinctively, that at hand was no rule taxonomic group per se on the heavenly body that was not problem to extinction, and that the celestial body was molded to equilibrium out the way it was, that is, separately, but in modern world similar to this, cooperatively, or all flee together, entirely. She did get this cross-town.

It was tricky for the vipers to stand down, they were in essence, the brutes of the celestial body in this section, but they seen Siren's chops in motion, and buried her severity.

Having aforementioned that, both Siren and Tangor went rear to their room, Tangor could not sleep, and therefore, started to lineation the yesteryear of the celestial body SSARG, reported to Siren (for the utmost segment).

The creatures of the land, took what Siren aforementioned to heart, and acknowledged her stratagem as the just feasible one available, plus, they of range reasoned their revolting fate, had they not.

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