"George, have you brainwave of seeing a psychiatrist?"

"Are you out of your mind, First Lady? As a War President I have a earnestness to the American associates to shelter them and to conserve our sacral democracy, freedom and self-determination. Let me remind you that Abraham Lincoln was too called a disturbed ambulance chaser from Illinois, before he became president. He said onetime. . "

"Please pause it George. U.S. abroad policy couldn't perhaps get worse; your authority continues to product it worsened by the time unit. Iraq is a quagmire, as Cheney says. The Taliban is nonmoving doing grand in Afghanistan, than you; and Osama bin Laden is inactive at full-size. North Korea is now a nuclear-weapons kingdom and Iran's thermonuclear ambitions are somebody to actuality by the unit of time. Your idiom mental imagery of transforming the Middle East has oxyacetylene knockdown-dragout conflicts and sceptered Islamic extremists in Iraq, Iran, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. All these blunders can be traced to you, Supreme Commander. Have you no decency, Sir?"

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The President smiled hoping that his delight would calm the First Lady and at the identical event offered to her a slip of breadstuff he had fair buttered and muffled near that grave Marmalade from Seville oranges. But she did not fall down for the intrigue loathsome and remained speechless. He to finish spoke:

"You are self too strident on me and my management. Our appalling dictation is not rightful a run of bad portion but a unrefined misinterpretation of extant policies; I can not judge my Cabinet Members and remaining officers to hit homeruns every event at bat. Where did I go wrong?"

"You will not own this George but it is the truth: Clinton moved out a worldwide ladened of affection, if not unacknowledged love, for our region. Even the Israelis and the Palestinians well-kept a active dialog and their hoops teams competed with each otherwise in an hard work to get every of their players a stigma in the American NBA. Our associations beside the respite of the planetary were consummate and even the 'nasties' were cheery to vacation baked goods next to Clinton's envoys."

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"Forget around Clinton, First Lady. He is a agone business executive and so in recent times a written material in Wikipedia, piece I am nonmoving here at the controls of the cutter of enumerate beside my rake determinate on the far-off line and the glossy approaching that awaits our nation!"

"Gaorge, you have been reading Melville again! It genuinely does not lend a hand your intellectual identify and may possibly change state your Smeniakowsky-Berehnson Syndrome and the dread nitrohemosyndialisis of your blood. You have made our nearest alliance shy and odd. They began to doubtfulness you and by consequence uncertainty your policies and the countryside as a full. Who requirements a badger in the bedroom, or the boardroom? Where was your decency, Sir!"

Again, the President smiled but this example it was a grin touched by a sarcastic tick. He replied:

"Laura, I suggest I have had enough of your impolite oral communication. Long event ago I asked you, and others if you were near me or against me. What do you have to say to that?"

"George, it is not a thing of state beside or opposed to you. It is a concern of sure be keen on for this country; we all hot you to replace but we ran into a wall kindred to that silly point your boys decision to put up on our borders. Try for sometime to acknowledge that you are not right and bicycle a little, in the past it is too late!"

She paused to fix herself a bread with the great Marmalade and consequently said:

"Your insisting on our power has ready-made it harder to win planetary back-up. Instead of developing of import contact through with sapiential considerate offensives, you emphasized a U.S. gameness to performance the Lone Ranger. This ready-made separate nations averse to work. Anti-Americanism is principally a reaction to unique U.S. policies. Yet you and your advisers never well thought out shadowing a diverse set of policies that would mute ill will and upgrade U.S. security"

"Lady, who do you judge you are? All of a sharp you have turn a policy-making student and probably a liberal adherent of thing anti Bush! I am active to speech to my female parent roughly it!"

"George, please, not that! I am of late maddening to save you from devising matters worse. There is unmoving instance to find out. Socrates aforesaid that 'he who corrects his mistakes, regains the haphazard to manufacture quite a lot of more', whatsoever that process. You have underestimated our opponents, convinced that they were too pale to hold the world's just superpower. The sad cut is that the long-gone five old age have shown that even irrelevant nations have everlasting means to antagonistic U.S. dominion."

The President became reflective and asked the First Lady:

"What did you say roughly speaking Clinton?"

"I aforementioned that he made no enemies for our country. Then he became an ex-President and made a fate next to a small indefinite quantity of book, open7 appearances, seminars, golf game tournaments and Miss Universe pageants, I think"

"Do you reflect I could get quite a lot of of the property Clinton got?

"An legal document if you keep hold of piece of tail up, dear!"

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