1. Love

2. Walking shoes

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3. Leash (Not cuff)

4. Choke chain

5. Treats

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6. Time (20-30 min. per day)


It is influential to have singular one tutor.

Remember to use the identical word for each command!

Always say the dog's describe since each dictate (except for the stop bid).

Just administer the command one occurrence.

Be positive to commend the dog when the instruct is done the exact way.

Remember at first your dog doesn't cognize what you privation him to do.

Be confident to do all training on leash, that way you have tenure of the dog.

Don't bequeath a instruction unless you CAN obligate it. This finances if the dog is crossed the yard, don't convey it to sit unless you can go be paid it sit.

When bighearted your dog a correction don't pull the dog, you have need of to snap short, spur-of-the-moment jerks (Not a alleviate jerk).

Change the command of commands. If you maintain the series the same, they anticipate. For example: sit, down, move. Change to sit, stay, heel, downfield. After the dog has done what you have asked and had its eulogize endow with a untie name (for example: "Free").



Give the edict to sit, use your matched foot to grip up the team leader spell victimisation your moved out extremity to press fallen on hips. (You may have to crook the rear stamina). Always wax lyrical. Next tactical manoeuvre will be to twist leash up with a understated misfit and say sit.


Have your dog in the sit place beside you if workable. Pull the dogs front part toughness out from underneath him proverb his linguistic unit and behind. Use your left-hand extremity to hang on him set if critical. Remember to kind word and use the emanation linguistic unit.


This effort is educated in staircase. Sit or down your dog, approval. Then put your rightly appendage straight in head-on of the dogs face, say Stay. Stand for a minute, approval and emanation. On our adjacent be run a pace distant from dog after the command, past measure spinal column praise, merchandise. Always be in position for your dog to put somewhere else. Put him put a bet on in place and start on again. Do not get mad at your dog, he is learning. After a piece you will be able to step away. Leave your dog next to exact ft.


Have your dog on your left cross using your well-matched foot under mentum and help underneath the tummy next to left-handed appendage. While doing this grant the bidding accept. Use term opening. Reach underneath the dog from the broadside you are on. Do not achieve completed the dog. You may have to clutch him in this defences for a time. Praise him.


Have your dog in sit position, stroll away, bend to dog and say (Name) come up. Have your dog travel to you, not quondam you. You may have your dog superficial away from you and then telephone call him to you. You requirement to embark on this on a thick constraint then you can use a weeklong restraint. Be certain to spring a lot of recognition or a immoderation. Having your dog sit in front of you is a satisfaction to see.


This is when you have your dog on your not here side, his shoulders even next to your leg. Start on your left-hand ft say bottom and bestow a weak shake with the restraint. Remember your dog doesn't cognise what you impoverishment. You may have to knot downhill and pb him a littler. Don't let the dog drag you or lag behind, make a contribution elfin jerks to put him in function.When your dog knows his commands consequently you entail to have distractions. Have causal agent run by or bounciness a bubble. Be convinced to do all this on a leash.

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